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lebby56 won $7,000 on Slots
“I turn 60 in a week's time and I am going on a cruise to celebrate so whilst away I am going to treat myself to spa treatments on the ship and also do some shopping on board! Thank you Bingo Cabin."
annie6108 won $12,716 on Jackpot Jamboree Progressive
“I plan to put my winnings toward some house renovations. Thanks Bingo Cabin. It made my day."
ashvegaslady won $2,000 on MultiHand Jacks or Better
“I love playing the Multi-hand Jacks or Better game and was thrilled to get a Royal Flush and 4 of kind! I won $2000 which will go towards paying off some bills, spending money for my holiday and I may even buy a Samsung Galaxy Tablet I have been looking at for ages."
bobbuff won $6,000 on Aztec Empire
“OMG, I can't believe it, won a total of just over $6000 on Aztec Empire few days ago, going to have holiday with my hubby and more than likely spoil my brand new FIRST grandchild due in 5 weeks."
LAUREN1766 won $8635 on Cash Blizzard
“When my machine went off with an $8000+ win I was stunned. I just want to say thank you Cabin and to all the players and CM'S well wishes and good cheer. This incredible win will definitely go to good use. My husband has a birthday soon so I have every intention of spoiling him and my daughters a few weeks later whom also deserves to be treated. The rest will be used on items needed for my new home in June and a bit of a treat for my son and I."
allonme won $3840 on Blackbeards Booty
“Thank you so much to BingoCabin for my amazing win, my hubby and I where planning our holiday for family of 6 and this win will be making our holiday much more longer and enjoyable. Thank you, thank you xxoo"
Justinebrazil won $1582 on Cash Blizzard
“I am jumping for joy with my win on my favourite slots "Cash Blizzard" I will be putting the money aside to go towards a trip to the UK to visit my family who I haven't seen for 7 years! Thank you Bingo Cabin!"
Pinklady61 won $ 1,002.50 on Lost City of Atlantis
“Just got to sit down and workout what I want to do with my winning, might go buy myself something out of it and thanks bingo cabin for the win."
Celedonio won $2,000 on Pyramids of Cash
“The winning will be handy for a holiday to visit families and buy a lot of gifts."
Michele1963 won $1,600 on Jackpot Jamboree
“I was stunned when Jackpot Jamboree went to the jackpot bonus spin and the wheel landed on MEGA! The wheel didn't move and I realised I'd won $1798.77! My husband and I rescue injured birds and we are in the process of building a much needed aviary, we had run out of money now with this we can finally finish it and get the birds out of their small cages. Thanks Bingo Cabin."
April0273 won $9,000 on Jungle Fever
“I am going to use some of the winnings to get my youngest daughter (1) a custom-built playhouse, and my eldest daughter (19) her first car! Thanks BC xxx"
YayIwin Won $1125 on Jungle Fever
“I'd like to thank Bingo Cabin for my fantastic win of $1125.00 on Jungle Fever. The money will come in very handy towards my daughter's wedding. Cheers YayIwin"
Bourret won $1,100 on Pyramids of Cash
“Thank you for the email about my winnings. I was so excited when I won it. Will probably get an early start on my Christmas gifts with my winnings.. Really enjoy playing at Bingo Cabin... Thank you"
Maureen3 won $1,526 on Bingo
“It was certainly a great and wonderful surprise win! It was certainly a great and wonderful surprise win!"
Peteraussie won $1,035 on Lost City of Atlantis
“I would like to thank bingo cabin for my nice win of 1000 dollars thinking about taking my wife on a weekend away"
Storm 59 won $2,000 on Pyramids of Cash
“Wow what a surprise that was, I am so thrilled with the win, it will be going towards a trip to visit my son and his partner in France later this year so thank you so much Bingo Cabin."
Nuitz9 won $1,500 on Blackbeard's Booty
“A surprise win which couldn't have happened at a better time! $1500 WoW! Thank you Bingo Cabin, now i can put some money away for a well deserved holiday!"
TheChicklette_ won $3,000.00 on Flower Power
“I am still pinching myself today. I started screaming my husbands name when I won. He came running upstairs taking them two at a time as I am sure he thought I was injured. The funds will come in handy as we have 3 kids in college or university. I am also having a milestone birthday next month. Thank you for the early birthday joy."
Raylene64 won $1,174.08 on Bingo
“My first BIG Win, I can't wipe the smile off my face:) First I won Bingo Jack Pot and won over 1k, then I went and played African Safari and won another 4k. The 5k will be spent on a new computer, pay some bills and splash some money on the kids with some new clothes for the winter. Thank you Bingo Cabin."
cinlou23 won $1,327.50 on Pyramids of Cash
“The money that I won comes at a great time for me as I'm getting married in 2 weeks! Thanks BC as it helps with the last bits and pieces. Thanks, Cindy"
lorna48 won $1,512.50 on Enchanted Garden
“I was very excited with my win and it will come in handy, as it is my husband birthday and our anniversary. Love playing all your games and bingo thank you all so much..."
Mystiquemoon won $3000 on Blackbeards Booty
“It's my pleasure to thank Bingo Cabin. With my $3000 win I will be paying bills that have been playing on my mind for a while now, and will be able to sleep a little easier at night. Thanks."
lorna48 won $ 2,500.00 on Pyramids of Cash
“I love the bingo games, I was so excited with my win my mouth fell open and I couldn?t believe my luck the money will come in handy to pay some bills thank you all so much..."

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