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New Weekly Slot Tournament
Check out the all new weekly slot tournament at Bingo Cabin. With over $1,000 in cash up for grabs each week, this tournament will be sure to keep you entertained with every spin. All you need to do is step up to any slot game, and start spinning. The top 3 players, with the highest payout for the week, will win! View all the exciting news on the tournament here.

Eggciting Easter Specials
Be sure to hop on into the rooms on the 24th April, for our eggciting Easter specials. The Easter Egg pattern and Easter Bunny pattern will play randomly, throughout the day, with a guaranteed prize of $100! Single game winners on this pattern will get to select a number from 1 to 24 – to reveal a hidden cash or BB prize! Prizes will range from $20 to $100! Split winners will each receive 10BBs.

Winners Corner at Bingo Cabin
$1,222.50 win on a Mad Scientist
"I was absolutely rapped with the win! I love Mad Science. I just love Bingo Cabin, it's the best site. It's pretty cold over here in Australia, so I'm going to go buy all my girls winters clothes. I have 4 girls so the money will be veryyyyyy helpful" ~ Janiee0
$6,287.50 win on Galaxy of Riches
"Thanks heaps. Good to win some money. At the moment I'm planning on using the money to upgrade my car.Yay!!! Or buy a bigger TV and new couch. Thank you soooooo much!!! xoxo" ~ melly86

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